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KAC Fitness Equipment Inc in Review

Premium Provider of Used & Re-Furbished Gym Equipment

KAC Fitness inc was established in 2009 to successfully assist customers in obtaining high quality fitness equipment at reduced rates. Since 2009, we’ve worked with clients from 6 continents and over 100 countries. We have helped enterprises large and small obtain functional high quality gym equipment for prices 30% – 70% less. This allows gym facilities to utilize their resources for other key areas such as marketing, employee salaries, facility updates, operational expenses and more. The reliability and quality KAC Fitness supplies provides gym entrepreneurs with a sense of confidence and security as they being their ventures in the fitness industry.

At KAC Fitness inc, we’ve understood that gym organizations are in dire need of functional equipment they can afford. As a new facility, it may be tough to maintain the demands of a new business while sustaining profitability and satisfied members. This demand is precisely why KAC Fitness works to create an atmosphere dedicated to our clients within our corporate offices. We are dedicated suppliers and craftsman of re-purposed gym equipment.

Each and every piece of fitness gym equipment KAC Fitness inc recieves enters our 2-6 week re-furbishing process at which point every piece is stripped down to its bare essentials as needed. The equipment will then be rebuilt and parts will be replaced that do not meet the safety and production standards of KAC Fitness inc. Machines are then restored cosmetically to appear as close to the day they were originally manufactured. Machines recieve new overlays, paint, stickers, and any needed parts to complete the re-furbishing process.

KAC Fitness Inc: Our Focus In Review

KAC Fitness believes high quality functional equipment should be available for less. KAC Fitness understands that commercial gym equipment can be made available for less. KAC Fitness has designed a structure where it remanufactures exercise gym equipment and provides them to commercial gym centers at a fraction of their retail price. Our craftsmanship and focus in this niche allows to offer the best service adn equipment for the lowest prices available. Our low pricess and a commitment to funtional equipment helps to improve the profitbility and successes of our clients around the world.


KAC Fitness brings knowledgeable experts that are long-time leaders within the fitness industry. With over 15 years of experience in the remanufactured gym industry, our personel has helped enterprises large and small successfully reach their goals. At KAC Fitness, we understand that organizations are in need of great equipment at great prices. Each piece of gym equipment we receive is stripped down to its bare essentials. Our certified technicians rebuild the machine replacing any parts that do not meet safety and productions standards. Machines are then restored. Machines receive new overlays, paint, stickers and any needed parts to complete the remanufacturing process.


KAC Fitness is built on delivering the highest quality remanufactured gym equipment to our clients on time and hassle free. We take great pride in our work, and will work to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied. Our credos is to exceed our clients expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through a continuous improvement of processes, workflow, knowledge and customer interaction. KAC Fitness will never intentionally compromise employee, client or the customer experience.


KAC Fitness was created with the goal of reducing the carbon footprint our organization will leave on this planet. Our refurbishing process works to keep our world greener by using existing machines and salvaging their parts to create new machines that exceed our customer’s expectations. With KAC Fitness, we take pride in repurposing gym equipment to appear as if they just rolled off the production line for the very first time.

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